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Guidelines of Abstract for paper presentation

Title: Please be as brief as possible. Do not use abbreviations.

Details of presenting Authors: Name, Designation, email, Contact no.

Co-authors : Complete name and designation


  • Abstract must be in English.
  • Limit the texts to 250 words. Counted from background to conclusion.
  • It should be in MS word, double space, Times new roman font and size 11.
  • Maximum size of the format should be of 1 mb.

The Abstract should be in following structured format.

  • Background- Including rationale and objectives.
  • Methods- Methodology used.
  • Results- Results obtained in summary form.
  • Conclusions- Summary of your findings with recommendations.
  • Key Words

Each abstract must be complete i.e. it must include all information necessary for its comprehension.

E-poster templates

Its a 36*48 .ppt file which is required to be saved as a .jpeg file for display . Once you see the template you can save the same as a .ppt and then change that to .jpeg for final display . We have attached two .ppt templates , you are free to create your own just remember the 36*48 size . The .ppt file after being finalized is to be saved as .jpeg for display on the screen . A .jpeg generated from the template 2 is also attached for your reference.

List of Delegates whose abstract have selected for E-posters in APCRICON 2019
Registration Id Name Topic
APCN19003 Debasish Sethy Epidemiological profile of the animal bite cases attended to anti-rabies clinic of a tertiary-care hospital of southern Odisha
APCN19005 Vanitha B Evaluation of health services from patients’ viewpoint of anti-rabies clinic in a tertiary care 16 center – Bengaluru
APCN19008 Abhishek Panda Knowledge, Attitudes & Practices towards Rabies among the Municipality Workers: A study in a Municipal Corporation of Southern Odisha
APCN19014 Sudipta Kumar Sinha A study on knowledge of animal bite management and rabies immunization among Dog Bite Victims of Sadar Hospital, Ranchi
APCN19015 Dilip Kumar Paswan To Study the Socio-demographic factors and Compliance to Intra-dermal Rabies Vaccination (IDRV) in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Jharkhand
APCN19019 Amitesh Kumar Assessment of knowledge regarding rabies and its prevention among interns of Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga
APCN19021 Manu Uppal Epidemiology of Animal bites and Awareness about First Aid: A Hospital based cross sectional study
APCN19033 Jwell Kiran Pradhan Perceptions and treatment seeking behaviour of animal bite victims attending anti rabies clinic of MKCG Medical college, Odisha: A cross sectional study
APCN19034 Pradyuspita Sahoo Assessment of profile of patients referred to anti rabies clinic of MKCG medical College,Odisha:A cross sectional study
APCN19044 Chandramani Kumar Awareness about Rabies and Health Seeking Behaviour Among Animal Bite Victims Reporting to a Tertiary Care Hospital of Ranchi, Jharkhand
APCN19049 Shrabani Palai Awareness of multipurpose health worker male regarding rabies and its prevention
APCN19062 Soni Soni Tetanus toxoid immunisation status among the adult attending A.R.C. of M.K.C.G.Medical college and Hospital ,Berhampur Odisha
APCN19065 Syed Ajaz Hashmi A study of awareness and health seeking behaviour among animal bite victims attending Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences, Ranchi
APCN19073 Dr. Shweta Shalini Familiarity of medical fraternities of Central India with rabies and its management
APCN19080 Manasi Panda An epidemiological study of compliance to post exposure prophylaxis against Rabies among animal-bite patients attending a tertiary care hospital in New Delhi
APCN19085 Manisha Panda Knowledge of pharmacy students regarding dog bite and its management
APCN19086 Swetaleena Ashe Profile of re-exposure cases of animal bites at anti-rabies clinic of scbmch, Cuttack, Odisha
APCN19089 Dr. Raghav Singh Knowledge Regarding Rabies and Management of Animal Bite Cases among Undergraduate Medical Students of a Tertiary Care Institute in Rajasthan
APCN19092 Biswakalyan Mishra Antimicrobial susceptibility in animal bite wounds and its perception among medical post graduate students: a study in a tertiary care hospital of southern Odisha
APCN19115 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta A Study of Knowledge status and effectiveness of training about rabies prophylaxis among medical officers
APCN19124 Dr. Santoshinee Rout Assessment of Knowledge Attitude And Practices Regarding Animal Bite
APCN19132 Raunaque Jabeen Assessment of knowledge regarding Rabies and its prevention among Post Graduate doctors of Darbhanga Medical College
APCN19133 Sudhanshu Kumar Study of Animal Bite Management in Antirabies clincis in urban field practice area of Darbhanga medical college and hospital
APCN19134 Dr. Sunil Kumar K M Rabies, an emerging threat in livestock - A field perspective in Shivamogga District, Karnataka
APCN19135 Dr. Ratnesh Kumar Knowledge about Rabies and its preventive and its preventive measures among nursing students of tertiary care hospital of Mithilanchal
APCN19Of1 Nitu Kumari Safety of RIG/ RMAb for Post-exposure Prophylaxis in Patients with Potential Rabies Exposure
APCN19Of2 Kishore Gowda A Randomized trial Evaluating Child Dog-Bite Prevention in Rural practicing area of BMCRI through video based testimonials
APCN19Of3 Anwith H S Safety of purified chick embryo cell rabies vaccine administered in previously vaccinated animal handlers working in a biological park
APCN19Of4 Subhasini KJ Study of Demographic profile of Animal Bite cases and Management practices in a dedicated Anti Rabies Clinic of a Tertiary Care Hospital, Hassan, Karnataka
APCN19Of5 Jyoti B Dutta Rabies in Animals : An Unadressed scenario in Assam
List of Delegates with abstract accepted for ORAL Presentation
Registration Id Name E-mail Topic
APCN19070 Poojary Vineeta Sadarama vineeta.249@gmail.com Increasing rabies vaccination coverage among owned dogs in rural Nilgiris – an integrated program with the Animal Husbandry -department and Worldwide Veterinary Service
APCN19002 Dr. Mouna H S drmounahs@gmail.com Operational efficiency of anti rabies clinic in a tertiary care hospital, bengaluru: a time and motion study
APCN19004 Deepak Murthy HJ drdeepakmhj@gmail.com A prospective study on psychological impact in children after traumatic dog bite injuries in Bengaluru urban
APCN19006 Santosh Kumar Soren skspmch@gmail.com A cross sectional study of awareness regarding wound management & health seeking behavior of dog bite in rural community of Ormanjhi, ranchi.
APCN19009 Surendra Singh surendra_109@gmail.com Knowledge, attitude and practices of rabies amongst the mid level health providers attending the program study centre located at RIMS, Ranchi
APCN19012 DR. Kashmira Jilani drkashmirajilani@gmail.com Prevalence of dog-bite and vaccination in an Urban Community residing near RIMS, Ranchi
APCN19013 Dr. Rishabh Kumar Rana bakwasandsony@gmail.com Online survey about awareness regarding rabies and its transmission from pet owners I Urban area of Ranchi
APCN19016 Dr. Sheikh Mohd Saleem saleem.900@gmail.com Qualitative analysis of the perception of street dog bite victims and implication for prevention of dog bites at a tertiary care Anti-rabies Clinic
APCN19022 Neha Savarna savarnaneha@gmail.com A Community-based study on misconceptions and myths among animal bite/ rabies cases attending OPD in rural field practice area of Darbhanga Medical College
APCN19027 Anit Kujur kujuranit@yahoo.com Assess the knowledge and Initial Management of Animal Bite Cases Provided by health care workers in a Tertiary care Hospital of Jharkhand
APCN19028 Rashmi Ranjan Panda rpjojo18@gmail.com Practice and perception of animal bite management -: A Cross-sectional study among physicians practicing Homeopathy and Ayurveda of Berhampur,Odisha
APCN19030 Pushpa drpushparims@gmail.com Burden of rabies in urban field practice area of Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences, Ranchi
APCN19037 P. Narmada Reddy 267narmadareddy@gmail.com Cost factor analysis of passive immunisation of Rabies in a tertiary care hospital, Berhampur, Odisha
APCN19055 Dr. Rakhi Kumari rakhikumari1981@gmail.com Knowledge and Practices about management of dog-bite among general population in rural field practice area of Darbhanga Medical College Hospital
APCN19061 Smitanjali Samal smitanjalisamal@gmail.com A Study on clinical safety of rabies monoclonal antibody among Children in comparison with equine rabies immunoglobulin
APCN19067 Prof. Dr. Shalini Sundram drshalini.sundram@gmail.com A cross sectional study of awareness regarding dog bite in rural community of Ormanjhi, Ranchi.
APCN19078 Nitesh Kumar nitesh.med04@gmail.com Dog population management and vaccine strategies in Jodhpur. A step towards “One Health” strategy for Rabies Free Jodhpur.
APCN19090 Neha Taneja drnehataneja12@gmail.com Seasonal variation and time trend analysis of animal bite cases attending the anti-rabies clinic of a Government teaching hospital in Delhi.
APCN19094 Nandlal Singh Kanwar nandu82harsh@gmail.com Assessment of epidemiological profile and compliance of post exposure prophylaxis among animal bite cases registered at government health facilities in Jagdalpur city, Chhattisgarh
APCN19106 Smita Priyadarsini Debta priyadasini9dec@gmail.com Comparison of safety profile of Equine and Human rabies Immunoglobulin in children below 15 years,in a tertiary care hospital of Odisha- An Obeservational study
APCN19107 Gowri drgowriyale@gmail.com Rates of seroconversion in a random sample of dogs following a mass vaccination campaign in Goa, India
APCN19114 Rajesh Raghunath Pharande rpharande@gmail.com Evolutionary analysis of rabies virus by using partial 12 nucleoprotein and 13 glycoprotein gene in mumbai region in india
APCN19118 Dr. Kingsuk Sarkar kingusuksarkar07@gmail.com A study of animal bite in urban field practice area of a government medical college in Nadia district, West Bengal
APCN19125 Dr. Vikash Sharma drvikash167@gmail.com Management Among ASHAS: A hospital Based Cross-sectional Study In SCB
APCN19Of06 Harish Tiwari harish.tiwari@ausvet.com.au Utilising group-size and home-range characteristics of free-roaming dogs (FRD) to guide mass vaccination campaigns against rabies in India
APCN19Of07 Ad Vos ad.vos@idt-biologica.de Safety and Efficacy of an oral rabies vaccine bait for dogs
APCN19Of08 Bankim B Patnaik none Rabies Vaccine now and then a photographic memoir

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